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Review of Khao San Art Hotel Bangkok

2020 has been a crazy year to say the least, but it’s given me some uniquely one of a kind experiences and it’s also been a great leveler of people and myths. I’ve spent most of it in Thailand appreciating my immediate surroundings as well as gaining some insights into just how much the world has changed within this short space of time.

Top 5 things to do in Bangkok

Walking around Bangkok, I’ve definitely experienced foul smells from remnants of food and oils coming from streetfood in puddles at the side of the road. This time however, the air pollution was definitely more of an assault on the senses. Earlier this month, Bangkok cracked the list of the top 10 cities with the foulest air on the planet. The smiling patterns on face masks couldn’t disguise the fact that fine particulate matter is particularly toxic. Needless to say, it’s not the foul smells of hot sewage nor the air pollution that lures people to Bangkok. It’s the cheap massages and night markets. It’s the outdoor restaurants, dimly lit bars and all their beautiful feels.

Swahili Music Video Collaboration

I’ve blissfully spent one full year in East Africa. I’d miss the moments of serenity on a brand new day. The dhows sailing the familiar lands of my ancestral heritage. I’d miss walking through streets that evoke the corners of my mind. The converging shades of modernity and those of a bygone era. Here’s a testament to my time here, a collaboration music video shot with Swahili artist and friend Sultan (Wa Pwani) on the sunny island of Mombasa.

A taste of Island life

Sure, we all tend to exaggerate the magnificence and charm of some of our past – it could be an era, a place, a relationship…but I’ve got to say growing up in East Africa was truly a God sent gift. No doubt that if you’re one of us, you will understand.

Live your truth: What’s Hamptoning Feature


I grew up always having to nurture my own independence.

I lost my father young, and hard work has never scared me. I’ve been victim to a prejudiced society that judges people on where they come from and what they have. Today I’m fully self-employed, but I feel it’s important that people see the other side. Like the journey. The tenacity, resilience and sheer determination. I want those unsure about their purpose or struggling to enjoy their job to know that you’re not alone.

An ode to the beauty of sunsets

Ah, sunset. Since ancient times, it has signaled the end of a long days work for humans and many other day-loving creatures, while serving as a wake-up call for the nocturnal. Sunrise, sunlight, and the hours in-between have long served as bounded periods of work, rest and leisure. Speculation, philosophy and spiritual purpose.

Be Here Now.

In a digital world where social media and communication reign, where love and money are often in conflict, where opportunity corrupts morals and intentions – it can be hard to hoist yourself into awareness of the present moment, where everything else melts away.