Starting Yoga at home


Ever wondered what it would be like to be a home-practice yogini? Think about it. Your i-pad would have a parking spot close to the toaster. You’d have to moved coffee tables around a few times to create stretching space. Perhaps your pet could suggest the most comfortable spots on the lounge carpet. You get the point. Your home would now become your yoga studio, and for good reason.

Starting Yoga at home

Starting Yoga at home

A personal journey with Yoga can be yours to explore. For starters, I’m sure your time is valuable, and that concepts like convenience and flexibility are right up your alley! So technically, being at home allows you to watch your cooking/baking and get in some form of daily exercise, simultaneously. It also means that a steaming cup of tea to wind down is always easily accessible. To be precise, you can have one 2 minutes post your workout if you wish.

Starting Yoga at home

With these reasons validating your intentions, could you challenge yourself to practice yoga for at-least 20 minutes a day, in the comfort of your own home?

At first, you won’t really think much about the type of Yoga you should focus on, or whether you’re executing the poses (asanas) correctly. Mat in hand, yoga101 on the I-pad, you can dedicate the time and effort required to keep yourself challenged. Eventually, you will start to realize every week that your mood is elevated, your body will feel great, and with the little introspection you’re doing, your mundane day-to-day activities will have more clarity.

As a beginner, claiming a spot in your lounge to strike a pose whilst chanting, sweating and breathing – might sound a little intimidating at first. You might worry about stepping onto a Yoga mat with low self-confidence and a little strength or flexibility. But if you give it time and a little patience, you may just learn to embrace that yoga mat as a place to stretch and seek solace. Through the process of yoga practice, you will discover that long-held grudges or anger can actually melt away when you spend time with yourself. As you mediate, you may start letting go of what no longer serves you. You might learn to emulate the same stillness you experience on the mat, in actual life.

If you’ve ever considered getting yourself a yoga mat, you probably should. Don’t worry too much about things like what to wear (as long as it’s not too loose fitted) and how well you’re posing. Yoga is linking breath with movement. So for starters, even simple relaxing stretches are yoga. Get silly if you have to, move in ways that make you feel good. Stick it out. Think about it as literally 20 minutes a day you choose to spend in reflection. I promise you, you won’t look back. Well, unless it’s that odd time you hear the teapot whistle whilst in the middle of a half-moon pose 🙂




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  • Loved this post! I’m a spring child yay???? and you’re spot on my characteristics too????. I blog about my life experiences, my struggles, my dreams and I always hope the people who choose to read my work will feel inspired in some way. I couldn’t imagine writing something that brings me no joy!

    Ahh Sumi! thank you so much and I really value your feedback. Makes it all worthwhile 🙂

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