Your vibe attracts your tribe


I’m not interested in whether you’ve stood with the great. I’m interested in whether you’ve sat with the broken. Ok that’s just me, but no matter who you are or what you aspire to do in life – we all need a tribe.

No matter how self-sufficient or introverted one may be, a tribe is essentially a support system that we all need. Especially if we seek to pursue a dream, purpose or calling in life. This post is really just to help anyone interested, question and understand if they’ve found their tribe in this kindred spirit journey.


Well that, and to share my corresponding game plan in commentary form –

There’s a simple philosophy which states that navigating through life, gets us instinctively aligned with people who are meant to cross our path. The universe brings the right people and circumstances in our lives, at the right time. The mirror of the universe is so honest and accurate, that our dearest beliefs and deepest vibes show up in those surrounding us. They serve as a reflection through which we see ourselves. In other words, every person and situation in our lives is an aspect of our own selves – good, bad, positive and negative.

There’s a really cute saying that goes; each person we encounter, represents a world in us. A a world not explored until they arrive – and it is only by this meeting – that a new world is born. In essence, the spiritual law of reflection reminds us that if we are unhappy with our outer world, to look in the mirror and change ourselves.


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Ideally, if I had to describe my tribe, I’d want to be surrounded by the dreamers and the doers. The one’s who not only tolerate my quirks, but also cherish my weird ways. But it’s not as simple. It takes commitment – from all parties (think if you want a friend, be a friend). Yes, tribe membership cannot always be equal (people are different and express things differently), but it should at-least be reciprocal.

But here’s a cute truth. If you are authentic to yourself, you will attract people with similar interests, passions and belief systems. In a world of social media, it’s particularly easy to compare areas of our lives to those of others. If something trends, we follow, unaware of how this fits into our schema of things. If we do this for long enough, we start to feel unbalanced and suddenly, we become self-conscious of what we do, say and believe.

But if your heart believes there is no greater beauty that authenticity, you will attract people who do the same thing. Sans judgement. Sans pretense.


When you finally find your people, those special individuals who encourage and believe in you (and celebrate your unique wonderfulness) – you need to get them to stick around and eventually, start calling them your tribe!


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