Ram Daas Philosophy & Masquerade

Ram Daas Philosophy & Masquerade


I love a philosophy by Ram Dass, which goes –

In most of our human relationships, we spend much of our time reassuring one another that our costumes of identity are on straight.

Babe that bag!

Dude, awesome new wheels [referring to that new Benz]

Nice hair.

Cool collection of beats.

Nice watch.

Smashing bod! Is it that new diet you told me about?

Perhaps an unkempt beard is your thing. Or perhaps it’s a high profiled lifestyle you portray, or maybe it’s the brands you buy and the ideals you punt, or the wine you drink and the car you drive. Maybe it’s the teams you support and the music you rock to. Perhaps it’s your family’s religion, or something you don’t even believe in. But whatever it is, we each choose and construct our costumes of identity – a mask you wear for the world. Our chosen identity is a story we tell the world about who we are, and where we fit in time and space. It’s based on our perceived experiences, dreams, hopes and fears.

Sure, it’s every human desire to fit in to an extent. Sure it’s human desire to have friends, to be liked and to feel an affinity with other beings. To share common thoughts and feelings, aches and pains, pleasures and desires. But it’s often, few people who do it to be authentically true. Sometimes the masks we wear can hide our weaknesses. They can give us a false personification.


Dress- The Modern Gypsy Boutique (link on home page)

Although there’s nothing wrong with wearing a mask for the world, nor is there anything particularly wrong with aligning ourselves to like-minded individuals so that we can feel a sense of community. The problem comes in when you’ve donned an unfitting uniform. What happens then when these masks become habit and slowly, reality?


Have you asked yourself lately, if you’re being authentic to yourself or simply following a status quo? Are your close relationships really between two real people – and not two masks? Stop a minute and think about whether you always have your costume on, or whether you have people, places, moments in your life where you can take off the mask and be the beautiful, unique, authentic you?


It’s tough cultivating a sense of identity in this world, while trying to destroy ego and become unattached to material matters. However, it’s nice to be reminded sometimes that our quest to enlightenment is to see past identity, and recognize each other as vehicles of love. So we can relax into a beautiful flow in knowing that that we are not these costumes. We don’t need validation, and we need not always keep up appearances.

It’s time to be you, and to find your heart’s true desire. As the Ram Dass philosophy goes, in most of our human relationships, we spend much of our time reassuring one another that our costumes of identity are on straight. When in true essence, we should only be walking each other home. Behind every mask, there is a face. And behind every face, a real story that someone somewhere, is dying to hear.



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