Ford Ecosport Eco Boost Review


The first car I owned was a Ford. I still remember being able to spot it in seconds because of the smiling sunflower attached to it’s aerial. A personalized feature my family and friends would cringe at as I approached. Ok, maybe I should have mentioned my first ‘real’ car was a Ford. The first car I ever owned was a blue beetle. It was more like a beach buggy though, considering it’s strange yet flamboyant owner history. Anyway, seeing that it’s got the nostalgic aspect checked, it’s no surprise then that I’m loving the new titanium Ford Eco Sport…and wait for it…it’s for reasons other than my emotional and nostalgic attachment!

So this sweet ride has won the Engine of the year for three years in a row. It has good fuel economy, which does not sacrifice the speed. If you have a heavy foot, perhaps this might not be entirely true, but if driven at a consistent speed, it’s quite light on petrol. With the soaring price of petrol, this is a big bonus!

Awesome ground clearance. For you and me, that means a pretty cool elevated ride height.

Does perfectly well on Gravel roads. But unfortunately, not worth the risk for 4 x 4 tracks.

Steering feels totally solid, although a lil’ chunky 🙂


Pretty cool features come standard on the titanium model. I’m talking cruise control, good safety features (5 air bags included), leather seats, powerful engine, voice sync control (no more driving and texting), and a hi-fi stereo system featuring a USB port which sounds pretty decent! Alternatively, you could activate bluetooth.

ford ecosport

This little micro SUV has ample spacing, perfect for travel and for a young family life. There is lots of legroom and headroom, with a nap-worthy recline built into the backrest. Although so far, there’s been no napping. With travel so easy, the punchy torque (5 manual gears), and a slightly heavier wallet, I’ve certainly been getting around!



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