Chinese New Year 2018 Year of the Dog Predictions

About half the world’s population use Chinese astrology to get an idea of how the life-force is going to affect events and personal lives. Faithful, warm and full of energy, the dog has long held its place as man’s best friend. According to the Chinese calendar, the next 12 months will be largely shaped by canine traits. In broad terms, 2018 will be a year in which people become more aware of imbalances of power. Some will resist and many will find it hard to adjust. The Dog is related to spiritual matters and so there will be tension and conflict arising from religious and cultural causes. The acceleration of the Earth’s rotation in 2018 is possibly the biggest spiritually since the ‘big bang’.

The general consensus is that technology will advance rapidly and there will be some sort of political turmoil. Virtually people will have to choose between changing for the higher good or descend into chaos. In 2018, Mother Earth will show that she matters. Think of landscape and weather pattern changes. Overall, it’s said 2018 will be a year of paradox, of unpleasant shocks and pleasant surprises in equal doses!! So enjoy the ride my friends. Happy Chinese New Year. Below are some brief predictions and tips for your specific star sign. Hope these help align your goals further for the rest of the year 🙂

chinese new year 2018


Years: 2000, 2012, 1988, 1976, 1964: 2018

For the Dragon, the year 2018 is a perfect period to refocus on himself and to put his effective and financial life back in order. Tip: fix things that haven’t worked before.


(2014, 2002, 1990, 1978, 1966)

Prioritize needs to get to your goals. This year, the Horse is more centered on the needs of his home and family. It’s for the better, because it’s a period during which his plans for long distant journeys are put on hold. Desires may have to wait.


(2018, 2006, 1994, 1982, 1970)

To succeed, the Dog will need to consolidate his achievements and to renew his motivation. Exercise caution but happiness is within arms reach.


(2010, 1998, 1986, 1974, 1962)

You can expect the year to be a very good year for you. Dog year for you will be extremely wonderful. The fact that the Tiger is in the same affinity triangle as the Dog, animal of the year 2018, allows him to be immune to important problems he could face during this period. You will prosper this year when involved in projects. Overall, great year esp career!


(2017, 2005, 1993, 1981, 1969)

During which he may consider to start new projects, following his enthusiasm during the previous year, the Year of the Fire Rooster 2017. Tip: Take a chance on yourself!


(2008, 1996, 1984, 1972, 1960)

Work diligently to reap what you sow. The year will be kind to you, but take the time to rest and recharge, away from the noisy movement of the world. Finding a new hobby is a good tip.


(2009,1997, 1985, 1973, 1961)

It’s hard for others to understand them. When they do lose their temper, it’s like an explosion and can drive others away. Keep composure, good things will come.

chinese new year celebration


(2007, 1995, 1983, 1971)

The Pig reconciles himself with the fundamental values of respect and attention to others. The Pig also benefits from the year 2018 to restore order in his sentimental and friendly life. Make peace. Realize importance of relationships.  Plan.


(2015, 2003, 1991, 1979, 1967)

Though kind, Goats have tricks up their sleeves as well. They are skilled at using soft power, able to patiently and politely persuade others into their favor. This year, the goat learns to say no and manages to prioritize his personal goals for himself against the desires of his loved ones.


(2016, 2004, 1992, 1980, 1968)

By 2018, the Monkey would do well to cultivate wisdom and common sense in order to learn to accept his past mistakes with philosophy. Let go of the past & rise!


(2011, 1999, 1987, 1975, 1963)

Whether in love or in business, the Chinese Lunar year of 2018 is also an opportunity for the Rabbit to bring order to his business . Opportunities to get things the way you’ve wanted them.


(2013, 2001, 1989, 1977, 1965)

The Year of the Earth Dog 2018 is a calm and rather serene year for the Snake. Exercise self-discipline & stand up for yourself.

chinese new year of the dog

If you ever have the time, spend some time reading a little on Chinese astrology and thought and you’ll slowly realize how amazing our ancestors were! Anyway I hope your year descends into a plethora of positive and magical feelings and experiences!



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