Rose Gold, A Photo Diary

As you guys know, my brother got married late last year and since then, I”ve been meaning to get this photo diary published- a beautiful rose gold cacophony of colour. Rose gold has quite a different symbolic relevance when compared to that of Gold. Deliberately adulterated, it is gold that has an playfulness to be something else. Rose gold is rebellious in a sense. The desire it stimulates is that of luxury and decadence. It is gold for people who already have enough gold gold – and yes, I mean even that of the heart kind 😉

Chinese New Year 2018 Year of the Dog Predictions

About half the world’s population use Chinese astrology to get an idea of how the life-force is going to affect events and personal lives. Faithful, warm and full of energy, the dog has long held its place as man’s best friend. According to the Chinese calendar, the next 12 months will be largely shaped by canine traits. In broad terms, 2018 will be a year in which people become more aware of imbalances of power. Some will resist and many will find it hard to adjust. The Dog is related to spiritual matters and so there will be tension and conflict arising from religious and cultural causes. The acceleration of the Earth’s rotation in 2018 is possibly the biggest spiritually since the ‘big bang’.

It’s a Girl

I love photo diaries not only because seeing an image reinforces memories, but also because a photo diary allows for subjective interpretation in a way – of things like concepts, ideas, experiences and feelings. I suppose the challenge is whether you can piece together a coherent and complete story, just by looking at the pictures alone. I haven’t done a photo diary in a while, so I’ve got two coming up on my page starting with this one of my sisters baby shower. Enjoy! x

Top 10 things to do in Mombasa

Mombasa is a melting pot of cultures. Plus, there’s a chilled out, coastal groove to the place that is hugely appealing. It hums with a welcoming energy, and in a sense; art is everywhere. It’s in the way the street vendors cut out their fruit or prepare fresh coconuts for consumption.

Career advice about work-life balance

People often ask me what I do for a living, and what career choices have brought me down this path. Hmm where to start. Firstly, I’ve always had to work very hard for whatever I’ve wanted so there’s been lots of lessons to be learned from that in itself. However, if I have to sum up my career, I would say I’ve spent the longest time building-brands. Hard work, dedication and perseverance eventually got me head-hunted by one of Africa’s largest AD agencies.

Blogging 101 Tips

Recently, I’ve received emails and messages from beautiful people asking for tips and information on how to conceptualize and later, possibly monetize a creative space (e.g a blog). Although I’m no expert (I work in Marketing brands and I’m always learning) – to help – I’ve put together a list of things this challenging journey has brought to my realization.

Bangkok, Venice of the East

From a seasoned traveler, I’d heard Bangkok is the ultimate getaway to the Southeast Asian world. I also learned that it’s the most visited city in the world at the time I’m writing this. I recently got to know Bangkok over 3 weeks, and I can safely say this about travel here. The Thai capital offers some great culture, beautiful architecture, stunning temples and yes, some really dodgy stuff going on in some back alleys too.

Goa, India – Hints & Tips

Goa, India – Hints & Tips

The Goan landscape is so beautiful. Coloured with light green paddy fields, tall dark green palm trees, views of the Arabian sea and the often sighting of light brownish colour beer bottles being consumed alongside fried snacks and tamarind pickle. Add a Goan fish curry and you are sorted. If Goa is your first taste of India, you will definitely enjoy a very gentle entry into this massive country. Less poverty, an abundance of Westerners and generally, a more lenient stance on the consumption of alcohol than in the rest of India.

Namaste India – Mumbai

I had heard people say Mumbai is a city of contrasts and I’m finding this to be true. Mumbai is full of dreamers and vendors. Starlets, beggars and stray dogs. Gangsters and priests. Artists and servants. Crorepatis/Millionaires and hipsters. It boasts the grandest colonial architecture in the world. Food that’s tangy, sweet and spicy. All at the same time. It’s home to both, some of the largest slums in Asia and the worlds most expensive home. Everywhere you look, your curiosity is ignited, your senses are shaken and your definition of personal space is re-evaluated. This is a part one memoir on Mumbai, India. A city of full of  contrasts.

Mozambique; a Photo Diary


Hey guys!

It’s been a while since I wrote an update. Between working lots and literally living out of a suitcase, I’ve recently spent a week in Mozambique on a project that involved marketing, researching the hotel industry, curating Maputo and embarking on a few adventures. As a bonus, I enjoyed some great food and some very random sightings. For starters, there was this man who walked past our hotel at a little past 4:00 am every morning (when I hear the Muslim call to prayer I look out the window). His motive? To lift the windscreen wipers of every single car parked in the parking bay, before setting about on his day. The same smile recurring.