Zanzibar – The Spice Island (Part 2)

For those in search of a tropical getaway steeped in history, with natural beauty and a culture that intrigues, Zanzibar offers much more than bragging rights as just a honeymoon destination. The island’s mystique, its historical importance to trade, its African location and its UNESCO World Heritage status are fascinating enough to fire the imagination of all ages.

Zanzibar – The Spice Island (Part 1)


Zanzibar, a beautiful and important country in the history of our world, is an autonomous part of the Tanzanian mainland off the coast of East Africa. Popularly known as the spice island, Zanzibar is also famous as the birthplace of Queen front-man Farrokh Bulsara, better known to you and I, as Freddie Mercury. Be sure to visit his home or the Mercury’s restaurant the next time you’re in Stone Town – for when traveling to Zanzibar – expect an amalgamation of history, adventure, wilderness and luxury!

This is part one of a two part series on Zanzibar – the Spice Island.

On Beauty


I came across this meme on Instagram about beauty. It sported the face of a woman wearing perfect make-up. Well, if we’re judging by today’s standards at-least. Cartoon-smooth skin, contoured lines, under-eye concealer. Ultra sculpted cheek bones, highlighters and brows on fleek. The caption read – you can be as pretty as you like, but “prettiness is not the rent you pay for occupying a space in this world?”.

Think about it. That’s a pretty powerful sentence, with its feel-good and empowering message, but I’m still rather intrigued by its possible interpretation.

The Art of Good Life with Edith Venter


How can women cultivate career success and nurture the art of good living? How did some of the world’s most powerful women manage to progress in their careers while also enjoying life outside of work? These are some of many questions I’ve been grappling with lately, thanks to a very exciting time in my life. Of-course as always, the universe brought me answers to my ever-looming questions, but not entirely in the way I anticipated.

Travel to Phuket Thailand & Phi Phi Island


I’ve loved every single one of my trips to the Far East. My time at the Communication’s University in China was as frustrating as it was fascinating. Because of this, I grew-up a little. Aside from the language barrier and some emotional battling, I fell in love with the many pockets of history embedded in the local everyday life of the Chinese people.

My trip to Malaysia and the island of Langkawi was one I can’t quite describe accurately. It’s probably because I went through a really traumatic experience there, that I never truly confronted nor digested fully. A story I will maybe share one day in an attempt to write for the first time about my trip to this side of the Far East. I mean, Langkawi is by far the most perfect tropical island I’ve ever been to (besides Mombasa, but I could be biased). Its liveliest beach is always bustling, and the views and local landscape are nothing short of magical. Arguably though, this trip was one of the best, most nonchalant times of my life that I can recall.

Ford Ecosport Eco Boost Review


The first car I owned was a Ford. I still remember being able to spot it in seconds because of the smiling sunflower attached to it’s aerial. A personalized feature my family and friends would cringe at as I approached. Ok, maybe I should have mentioned my first ‘real’ car was a Ford. The first car I ever owned was a blue beetle. It was more like a beach buggy though, considering it’s strange yet flamboyant owner history. Anyway, seeing that it’s got the nostalgic aspect checked, it’s no surprise then that I’m loving the new titanium Ford Eco Sport…and wait for it…it’s for reasons other than my emotional and nostalgic attachment!

Ram Daas Philosophy & Masquerade

Ram Daas Philosophy & Masquerade


I love a philosophy by Ram Dass, which goes –

In most of our human relationships, we spend much of our time reassuring one another that our costumes of identity are on straight.

Babe that bag!

Dude, awesome new wheels [referring to that new Benz]

Nice hair.

Cool collection of beats.

Nice watch.

Smashing bod! Is it that new diet you told me about?

Midnight in Paris


I finally watched the movie Midnight in Paris, although I’d been very familiar with the philosophy behind the script – and I’ve loved that it’s always brought me back to appreciating and being fully conscious of the present moment.

The movie centers around the present being a little unsatisfying – well, because – life is a little unsatisfying! (you know, we all have those moments when we question our daily existence). It’s written imaginatively and poetically – a reminder that at some stage in our life, everyone probably thought that a different time period was the Golden Age of existence. I would bet in most cases, not in the future though. Purely because the past is something familiar, something nostalgic, something we can read about and something we can imagine/feel.

Your vibe attracts your tribe


I’m not interested in whether you’ve stood with the great. I’m interested in whether you’ve sat with the broken. Ok that’s just me, but no matter who you are or what you aspire to do in life – we all need a tribe.

No matter how self-sufficient or introverted one may be, a tribe is essentially a support system that we all need. Especially if we seek to pursue a dream, purpose or calling in life. This post is really just to help anyone interested, question and understand if they’ve found their tribe in this kindred spirit journey.

Starting Yoga at home


Ever wondered what it would be like to be a home-practice yogini? Think about it. Your i-pad would have a parking spot close to the toaster. You’d have to moved coffee tables around a few times to create stretching space. Perhaps your pet could suggest the most comfortable spots on the lounge carpet. You get the point. Your home would now become your yoga studio, and for good reason.